Underpinnings is a collection of enamelled jewellery that incorporates bra findings. These hidden elements of underwear are functional and practical, yet, by their very nature, also incredibly intimate. By incorporating them with recycled silver they are given new roles and values; destined to be outerwear, on show and seen.


For her final degree collection, entitled Fragment, Claire used a selection of whalebones (baleen) from a late Victorian wedding dress. The intimacy of the pieces immediately struck her; the boning had tiny hand stitches on each piece and one bone still had fragments of the silk bodice attached. Claire found this quite moving and felt there was a whole narrative in that object alone; the notion of an embodied garment came alive for her and fed into the ethos of the project.

She explored their material properties, experimented with their function, combined them with silver, steel and enamel, and in turn, gave them new status as intimate objects or jewellery.


Fragment. Selection of jewellery. Whalebone (baleen), cotton, steel, silver and enamel. 


 Fragment. Earring. Steel and enamel. 



 Fragment. Brooch (detail). Cotton, silver and enamel.


Fragment. Earstud. Silver and enamel


Fragment. Brooch (detail). Cotton, silver and enamel. 


 Fragment. Earstud (detail). Cotton and whalebone (baleen).